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ABS plastic housing for Kussmaul bar-graph display
This is a an ABS plastic housing designed specifically for any Kussmaul bar-graph display. This housing allows for mounting of the bar-graph on the dashboard or anywhere else inside the vehicle.

Cat. No. 091-91-013
Weight 1 lbs

Attic Fan Cyclone Solar Powered Ventilation Replacement Motor kits
Replacement Motor for Solar Dynamics SD-20 Solar Fan (A/P Motor)

Cat. No. SD-RM-A/P
Weight 2 lbs

Attic Fan SunRise Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts, Fan Motor - Repalcement Blades - ect

Cat. No. SRS-RP
Weight 4 lbs

Auto Safe No-Load Dropout Switch
The Auto Safe No-Load Dropout Switch is a safety device designed to protect against electric shock from shore power lines. 4 to 6 week lead time

Cat. No. 091-129
Weight 4 lbs

Battery Disconnect Timer
Eliminate dead vehicle batteries caused by power drain from radios and data terminals that must operate while the engine is off.

Cat. No. 390-0030-5
Weight 1 lbs

Battery Integrator
Charging multiple battery banks without use of diode isolators dictates that the batteries be connected or “integrated” only whenever a charge voltage is present so that they may be charged simultaneously, then disconnected or “isolated” when in use to al

Cat. No. NM-BI-
Weight 2 lbs

Cable Clip
Easily clips to module frames using special screwdriver tab.

Cat. No. AEE-52.910x
Weight 10 lbs

Cable Wraptor®
“T” handle feature allows for easy carrying from one job to the next.

Cat. No. CW-TxRR25
Weight 2 lbs

Diehl Digital Time Switch – 1 Channel
Compact digital time switch provides precise timing with the flexibility of daily and/or weekly programming.

Cat. No. SWI-325010A
Weight 2 lbs

Dual USB Charging Port
The 091-219 Dual USB Charging Port is designed to fit into a standard 1.45" x 0.83" panel cutout.

Cat. No. K-091-219
Weight 1 lbs

Dual Wiper Dent Control Cable
Cable for the dual wiper controller. Modular plug 6 pin connector to 4 pin modular plug; 6' long wire harness

Cat. No. 31-1100212000
Weight 1 lbs

FlexCharge Timer
he Flexcharge digital timer is a 7-day, 8-event digital clock based programmable load controller.

Cat. No. NCxx DIGTMR
Weight 2 lbs

Hot Water Tank Wrap
The Attic Depot reflective insulation water heater wrap is 100% Made in the USA.

Cat. No. TAD-HWW
Weight 6 lbs

Intellitec Monitor Panel for Smart EMS Harness
Intellitec Monitor Panel for Smart EMS Cabel assembly f/w

Cat. No. 11-00903-000
Weight 1 lbs

Intellitec Thermistor
Intellitec Thermistor

Cat. No. 00-00569-200
Weight 0.5 lbs

Kussmaul Auto Isolator
The Auto Isolator I detects when a vehicles alternator is charging the battery and then closes a solenoid operated switch to additionally charge an auxiliary battery.

Cat. No. K-091-139-
Weight 3 lbs

Kussmaul Weather Proff cover for bar-graph display.
This is a rubber water tight seal designed specifically for any Kussmaul bar-graph display. This seal protects the rear of the bar-graph.

Cat. No. 091-39-109
Weight 1 lbs

Newmar Battery Isolators
These heavy duty isolators allow charging multiple batteries automatically from one or two alternators, and prevent discharge or 'dumping” of one battery into another.

Cat. No. NM-BI
Weight 1 lbs

Newmar Power Distribution System
The Power Distribution System simplifies wiring electronic accessories in Police and Specialty Vehicles.

Cat. No. NM-PDS 390-5711-0
Weight 1 lbs

Night Watchman 12 Volt Photoswitch
Night Watchman 12 Volt Photoswitch Switch 12 Volt Loads at up to 10 Amps

Cat. No. SC20NWHC10/12
Weight 1 lbs

Open Door Alarm Panel
The Open Door Alarm panel detects the LED current and energizes a small buzzer.

Cat. No. 091-178-8
Weight 1 lbs

Open Door Alarm panel
The Model 091-178-9 Open Door Alarm panel is designed to work with any of the 091-178 Open Door Displays.

Cat. No. 091-178-9
Weight 1 lbs

ProStar Remote Temp. Sensor
For use with TriStar, ProStar, SunSaver Duo or SunSaver-MPPT

Cat. No. SW-PS-32001
Weight 1 lbs

Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation - Ultra Heavyweigh
The best double-sided Aluminum radiant barrier foil Insulation available.

Cat. No. RBFI-UH
Weight 14 lbs

RF Transmitter and Receiver
The Transmitter/Receiver is a remote control system between a vehicle and a building. It is designed to activate various electrical systems in the building when signaled from the vehicle.

Cat. No. 091-133
Weight 2 lbs

Safety Lock
This simple, low cost controller bypasses the ignition switch when activated by the closure of a momentary switch. The operator may then remove the ignition key without shutting the engine down.

Cat. No. 091-148-xx
Weight 1 lbs

Safety Lock 3
This simple, low cost controller bypasses the ignition switch when activated by the closure of a momentary switch.

Cat. No. 091-155
Weight 1 lbs

Safety Lock 4
The Model 091-160, Safety Lock 4, is a controller which permits unattended engine operation with the ignition key removed, but prevents unauthorized use of the vehicle. For vehicles that require 4 independent relays for the vehicle ignition.

Cat. No. 091-160
Weight 1 lbs

Safety Lock D
The Safety Lock D permits an operator of a police car or ambulance to leave the vehicle without stopping the engine. This maintains the alternator output to run the radio, computer, and lights.

Cat. No. 091-174
Weight 2 lbs

Security Hardware Kits
Security Hardware Kits

Cat. No. SWI-950SHK-1/4
Weight 0.5 lbs

Security Hardware Tools
Security Hardware Tools

Cat. No. SWI-851HEXBIT5/32
Weight 0.5 lbs

The Draft Master Attic Stairway Insulator
Homeowners Enjoy a Lifetime of Energy Savings and Comfort With the Draft Master Attic Stairway Insulator

Weight 4 lbs

Trailer Breakaway Kit
When you are pulling hundreds or even thousands of pounds behind you, a loose trailer can be extremely dangerous.

Cat. No. SWI-256012VSENSOR
Weight 2 lbs

Wiper Knob
Replacement parts only, not for new installations

Cat. No. 31-3600024000
Weight 1 lbs

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