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Battery Disconnect Timer
Cat. No. 390-0030-5
Weight 1 lbs

  • Eliminate dead vehicle batteries caused by power drain from radios and data terminals that must operate while the engine is off. Allows use of accessory loads per programmed time limit while preserving battery for engine start.
  • Programmable disconnect time limit, 15 minutes to 15 hours, so that you can match your auxiliary load use to battery capacity, providing maximum run time yet still ensuring adequate reserve for engine start.
  • Prevents dead batteries due to accessories being left on and forgotten.
  • Once power off circuit is activated, power to auxiliary circuits is automatically restored when engine started, no delay in use of equipment.
  • Low and High Voltage Disconnect
  • Simple 3 wire installation:1) Power in from battery, 2) power out to loads, 3) chassis ground. Optional ignition sense wire resets power on without having to start engine.
  • Rugged construction, cast aluminum case with epoxy potted components, designed to withstand heat and vibration of engine compartment applications, and perform in demanding
    emergency vehicle applications.
  • 30 amp rating: Power timer can be applied to multiple auxiliary loads/circuits. Multiple devices can be left on during emergency calls without running engine.

Model: TMR-30
Rating: 12 volt nominal, 30 amps, 3 mA standby current
Protection: In-Line fuse, low and high voltage disconnect
Mechanical: Cast aluminum case with epoxy potted components
Size: 3 7/8 L X 3 D X 1 1/4 H
Weight: 1 lb

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