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Don't let the weather put you in the dark.

70% of all power outages are weather related
 When Mother Nature has the upper hand, you may not be able to  avoid power outages. But you can protect your family’s comfort and safety  with a EcoVantage Backup Power System. 

Designed for home and small business use,  the EcoVantage Backup  Power System (BPS) automatically provides power to priority circuits for  2-12 hours when utility power fails – that’s enough power to get through  95% of all power outages. A battery-based system, it’s an ideal alternative  for locations where generators are not allowed. 

 Compatible with Generators and Renewable Power
As part of a hybrid system, the EcoVantage BPS is also compatible with  a generator – it can reduce generator run time and improve power quality.  In case of an extended power failure (greater than 12 hours), the EcoVantage system’s batteries can be recharged using a portable generator. The EcoVantage  BPS can automatically start a stationary generator, offering the best of  both standby power solutions on the market today. Since the system is battery-based, a DC source such as solar or wind  power can be used to charge its bank of batteries. 

Modular to Fit your Needs
Available in 2000 to 5000 watt models with up to 9000 watt surge capacity  to start motors, the EcoVantage BPS is designed to be installed by an electrician.  A standard 2000-watt system is typically configured to provide the average  home with backup power for critical loads for 2 to 12 hours. The system’s  modular approach makes it easy to enhance the system. For example, batteries  and cabinets can be added at a later date to extend run time and you can  install more than one power module to increase the amount of power available.

The most important home appliances 

The EcoVantage BPS is always on standby, waiting to take over as soon  as power is interrupted. Main Electrical Panel 30-60S-120V Supply to Power  Module  OPTIONAL  Portable Generator (30A-120V) wired directly  to Power Module 4000s/5500s with gen auto-start  Electrical Code Compliant  The EcoVantage Backup Power System is electrical code compliant and listed  to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA)  electrical standards. 

EcoVantage Backup Power System 

Don't let the weather put you in the dark

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