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Newmar Power Distribution System
Cat. No. NM-PDS 390-5711-0
Weight 1 lbs

The Power Distribution System simplifies wiring electronic accessories in Police and Specialty Vehicles. The PDS offers a quick and easy way to power all of your vehicle’s add-on electronics and accessories including lights, radios, and MDTs; and assigns them to an “always” hot, timed, or ignition circuit. Each circuit includes its own LED warning light which identifies the blown fuse position.


Alternative Power Distribution System for Emergency Vehicles
Low cost, compact size fits almost anywhere. Measures only 11”L x 5”W x 2”H.

Provides up to 20 Total Circuits
The PDS can be configured in any combination of Timed, Battery Hot, and Ignition Switched Circuits up to 100 amps total.

Designed to Power your Vehicles: Radios, Emergency Lights, Siren, Video, MDT, Radar, and More!

No More Dead Batteries
Automatically shuts off radios/computers after preset amount of time once the ignition is turned off, saving your battery. Times circuits are user Programmable from 2 minutes to 13 hours.

Low Voltage Automatic Disconnect

Automatically shuts off PDS powered equipment when voltage drops below 10 VDC.

Intelligent LED System
Automatically alerts user to which fuse is blown for quick and easy troubleshooting and replacement.

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