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RF Transmitter and Receiver
Cat. No. 091-133
Weight 2 lbs

The Transmitter/Receiver is a remote control system between a vehicle and a building. It is designed to activate various electrical systems in the building when signaled from the vehicle. A single channel is provided to start an exhaust fan before a vehicle is started. Three additional outputs of the receiver can be connected to interface with a door opener that has a pushbutton control to OPEN, CLOSE and STOP the door. Many other devices may also be operated, the receiver, however, is limited to 4 outputs. Multiple transmitters may operate a single receiver or multiple transmitters may each operate their own receiver. Dip switches in the transmitter and receiver are provided to match the transmitter to the receiver. Thirty-two different codes are possible permitting a single installation to have up to 32 vehicles.

Exhaust Fan Controller
Garage Door Opener
Traffic Light Operator
Vehicle Bay Lighting Control

Transmitter, Model # 091-133-T:
Input power: 12 volts, .015 amp
Frequency: 418 MHz
Output Channels: 4
Trans. Codes: 32
Range: typical 120 feet
Receiver, Model # 091-133-R:
Input power: 120 volts, 50/60 Hz, .015 amp
Frequency: 418 MHz
Output Channels: 4
Trans. Codes: 32
Outline Drawing
Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 133Kb)


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