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AC Kilowatt Meter VISION, Digital
Utility-grade digital kWh meter utilizes current transformers for accurate measurement.

Cat. No. AEE-Vis
Weight 6 lbs

AC Kilowatt Meter/Date logger

Cat. No. 029-05243
Weight 8 lbs

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter
These EZ-Read cyclometer GE utility grade meters have been removed from service and reconditioned and certified.

Cat. No. AEE-028.301x
Weight 4 lbs

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter Sockets
We stock two types of kilowatt hour meter bases.

Cat. No. AEE-028.302
Weight 4 lbs

Amp meter
This general purpose 100 amp. ammeter is directly wired in the circuit and does not require an external shunt.

Cat. No. 091-XXX-AMP
Weight 1 lbs

Analog Meter
Analog 0-30 Amp Meter and 0-60 Amp

Cat. No. AEE-028-07362
Weight 1 lbs

Atkinson PV and Wind Digital Monitor Kit
This digital monitor and shunt combination can measure amps and amphours from two charging sources of up to 40 amps each on a 12-, 24- or 48-volt battery system.

Cat. No. AEE-028-02209
Weight 2 lbs

Auto Charge Dual Status Center
The Auto Charge Dual Status Center is a universal dual indicator that works with all Kussmaul Electronics Battery Chargers as well as indicating voltage on vehicles without a charger.

Cat. No. 091-189-2-12
Weight 2 lbs

Auto Charge Status Center
The Auto Charge Status Center is a universal indicator that works with all Kussmaul Electronics Battery Chargers as well as indicating voltage on vehicles without a charger.

Cat. No. 091-189-12
Weight 2 lbs

Contour Analogue AC Voltmeter 0-300V AC (MS1)
Contour analogue panel mount AC voltmeter (expanded scale).

Cat. No. BEP-300v
Weight 2 lbs

Contour Analogue DC Ammeter (MS2)
Contour analogue DC ammeter panel. Panel switchable for use on up to 3 different ammeter shunts. Supplied with 1 shunt.

Cat. No. BEP-AM
Weight 2 lbs

Contour Analogue DC Voltmeter (MS1)
Contour analogue DC meter (expanded scale). DC Meter is Panel switchable to show 3 different battery banks.

Cat. No. BEP-80-601-002x
Weight 2 lbs

DC Amp Indicator
The 091-8 Amp-Gauge is an induction ammeter which utilizes magnetic induction to measure current. No direct circuit wiring is necessary. Ideal for any mechanic's tool box.

Cat. No. K-IN-3-XX
Weight 1 lbs

DC/AC Clamp Meter
This simple clamp-on meter measures DC and AC current down to .01 amperes by induction.

Cat. No. K-380941
Weight 2 lbs

Digital kWhr Meter
Digital kWhr Meter, Landis Gyr, 240VAC, 2S form

Cat. No. SW-003435
Weight 5 lbs

Digital Volt Meter
Digital Battery Volt Meter LCD 11-65V

Cat. No. AEE-28.9228
Weight 1 lbs

E Meter EV/1000A/LLO/RS232 (L10 Box NS OEM Deluxe)
E Meter EV/1000A/LLO/RS232 (L10 Box NS OEM Deluxe)

Cat. No. 835MTRSL10DLNS
Weight 2 lbs

Economical Voltage Indicator
This economical indicator is a suppressed zero voltmeter wich provides an indication of system voltage.

Cat. No. 091-64-xx
Weight 1 lbs

EV Battery Charger Display
The EV Battery Charger Display provides two options to monitor your battery banks. It can display a graphical representation of voltage for 1 to 3 battery banks with or without connection to a P12 Battery Charger.

Cat. No. BLU-7517
Weight 1 lbs

Kill A WATT™
Connect your appliances into the Kill A Watt™, and assess how efficient they are.

Cat. No. KAW
Weight 2 lbs

Midnite battery capacity meter
Led’s that correspond to battery voltage

Cat. No. MNBCM
Weight 1 lbs

MidNite Graphics Panel
MidNite Graphics Panel

Cat. No. MNGP
Weight 3 lbs

Newmar Digital Instruments for AC/DC Systems
These highly versatile digital instruments enable continuous and comprehensive monitoring of fixed site or mobile AC and DC electrical systems.

Cat. No. NM-DCV
Weight 1 lbs

Pentametric Battery Monitor
The Pentametric monitor measures 1 or 2 battery systems with a common negative.

Cat. No. AEE-28.001
Weight 2 lbs

Sunny Multigate-US XT Monitoring
The SMA Sunny Multigate-US is an integral component to the Sunny Boy micro inverter system, providing a clear, distortion-free communication solution for micro inverter installations while optimizing system reliability

Cat. No. MG-XTxxxx
Weight 4 lbs

Trimetric 2025
This amp-hour meter for 12- or 24-volt battery systems (and 48-volt with adapter) reads volts, amps and amp-hours on an LED display

Cat. No. AEE-028-0002x
Weight 2 lbs

Xantrex LinkLITE/LinkPRO
The LinkLITE and LinkPRO selectively display: voltage-3% accurate, charge and discharge current – 4%
accurate, consumed amp-hours and remaining battery capacity of your 12 or 24V battery bank.

Cat. No. SWI-152013
Weight 4 lbs

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