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DC Digital Voltmeter with Alarm
Cat. No. BS-8251
Weight 1 lbs

DC Digital Voltmeter with Alarm
PN: 8251

    Displays voltage from 0 to 60 Volts
    High and low voltage audio and visual alarms
    3 levels of display brightness
    Programmable sleep mode blanks display for power conservation
    Splashproof front
Display Character Size 9/16" (14.29mm)
Input Voltage 7-60V DC*
Minimum Power Consumption 0.60 Watt**
Maximum Power Consumption 1.00 Watt**
Dimensions  Height 2.43" (61.75mm)

Width 2.90" (73.56mm)

Depth 3.40" (86.36mm)
Weight 0.44 Lb (0.20 Kg)
Voltage Measurement
Range 0-60V DC
Resolution 0.01V DC
Accuracy (% of Reading) ±0.5%***
* Applicable for 12, 24, 32, 36, and 42 Volt DC systems
** Variable with voltage, display intensity, segments illuminated and sleep mode
***±1 least digit of resolution
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