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Pentametric Battery Monitor
Cat. No. AEE-28.001
Weight 2 lbs

The Pentametric monitor measures 1 or 2 battery systems with a common negative. With one battery system, battery current plus two charging sources/loads can be measured.

The new PentaMetric battery monitor system offers a lot more capability than the TriMetric monitor. The complete system consists of 3 parts: input unit (near batteries), display unit (shown here) and computer interface unit. It can monitor up to 3 shunts: For example; measure total solar input and wind input independently in addition to monitoring battery “state of charge”. You can access the data with display unit (shown above) with LCD display and buttons up to 1000 feet from batteries. An optional computer interface with Windows software allows you to control and read out all data from the computer. It has a relay output to control a generator or external alarm  and it has audible and visual alarms for high and low battery conditions.
2-year warranty.

Basic measurements include:
• 2 voltage channels: 8-100 volts. (For example you can monitor volts from two-battery systems).
• 3 amperage channels ±.01-200 amps (with 100A/100mV shunt). ± 0.1-1000 amps (with 500A/50mV or 1000A/10mV shunt). Each of these requires a separate shunt.
• Temperature -20 to +65 degrees C.

Secondary measurements
• Amp-hour (3 channels): to ±83,000 amp-hours
• Cumulative (negative) battery amp-hours (2 channels)
• Smoothed (time filtered) amps
• Volts (2 channels): 0-100 volts
• Watts (2 channels) ±.01- 20,000 watts
• Watt-hours (2 channels) ±21,000 kilowatt hours
• Battery % full (2 channels) 0-100%
• Days since batteries charged (2 channels) .01-250 days
• Days since batteries equalized (2 channels) .01-250 days

Data logging functions.
There are 3 types of data logging functions. With the computer interface all 3 types can be output to spreadsheet file.

1. “Periodically logged data” can record any or all of the following at regular intervals: once per day to up to once per minute, amp-hours (3 channels), watt hours (2 channels), Temperature max/min (1 channel), volts (1 channel), amps (1 channel)

2. “Battery discharge voltage profile” data logs volts and amps every time charge level changes by 5% (or 10%) for 1 or 2 battery systems.

3. “Battery cycle efficiency data” documents system efficiency for up to 2 battery systems.

Description Item code
Pentametric display unit PM-100D 28.0011
Pentametric input unit PM-5000U 28.0013
Computer interface PM-100C 28.0015
Temperature Sensor TS-1 28.0018
500A/50mV shunt 28.9253
100A/100mV shunt 28.9245



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