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Atkinson PV and Wind Digital Monitor Kit
Cat. No. AEE-028-02209
Weight 2 lbs

This digital monitor and shunt combination can measure amps and amphours from two charging sources of up to 40 amps each on a 12-, 24- or 48-volt battery system. The monitor and shunt module are connected with a cat-5 network cable. The monitor stays in the battery voltage mode until the select button is pushed. The button can turn on the backlight, advance through display settings, reset amp-hours, lock the display in any mode or activate a scroll setting. Backlight comes on for 15 seconds every time the button is pushed and stays on in scroll mode. Display module requires a shunt module to operate. Order both items. Cat-5 cable required to connect display to shunt.

Description Item code
Atkinson PVWDM digital monitor 28.2205
Atkinson PVWSM shunt module 28.2207
Cat-5 cable 50' 30.4199


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