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E Meter EV/1000A/LLO/RS232 (L10 Box NS OEM Deluxe)
Cat. No. 835MTRSL10DLNS
Weight 2 lbs

Integrated Battery Monitor and Inverter/Charger Control in a Single Panel

The Link 1000 is an instrumentation and control panel designed for use with the Xantrex Freedom series inverter/charger and a single battery bank. It reads like a fuel gauge for batteries displaying battery state-of-charge at a glance. Inverter and charger functions are independently controlled with the touch of a keypad.

Product Features

* Digital numeric display automatically compensates for ambient conditions and selectively shows: DC volts and amps, battery amp hours consumed, time remaining to full discharge, fault conditions
* Multi-colored LED displays: approximate battery state of charge, AC input Push button control of power sharing, equalizing, battery set-up, independent inverter and charger on/off controls
* Second sense lead for voltage sensing on an additional battery bank
* Power Share and Idle Mode are easily set from the panel
* Compatible with 12 or 24 volt sytems
* Includes precision DC shunt
* Easy to install
* One year warranty

Programmable Advanced Functions

* User programmable adjustments of the Freedom Inverter/Charger directly from the front panel
* Can be set for four different battery types including wet, gel and AGM
* Data is used to recall key information about the battery bank: charge efficiency, deepest discharge, average discharge, and other data

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