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AC Kilowatt Meter VISION, Digital
Utility-grade digital kWh meter utilizes current transformers for accurate measurement.

AC Kilowatt Meter/Date logger

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter
These EZ-Read cyclometer GE utility grade meters have been removed from service and reconditioned and certified.

AC Kilowatt-Hour Meter Sockets
We stock two types of kilowatt hour meter bases.

Amp meter
This general purpose 100 amp. ammeter is directly wired in the circuit and does not require an external shunt.

Analog Meter
Analog 0-30 Amp Meter and 0-60 Amp

Atkinson PV and Wind Digital Monitor Kit
This digital monitor and shunt combination can measure amps and amphours from two charging sources of up to 40 amps each on a 12-, 24- or 48-volt battery system.

Auto Charge Dual Status Center
The Auto Charge Dual Status Center is a universal dual indicator that works with all Kussmaul Electronics Battery Chargers as well as indicating voltage on vehicles without a charger.

Auto Charge Status Center
The Auto Charge Status Center is a universal indicator that works with all Kussmaul Electronics Battery Chargers as well as indicating voltage on vehicles without a charger.

Contour Analogue AC Voltmeter 0-300V AC (MS1)
Contour analogue panel mount AC voltmeter (expanded scale).

Contour Analogue DC Ammeter (MS2)
Contour analogue DC ammeter panel. Panel switchable for use on up to 3 different ammeter shunts. Supplied with 1 shunt.

Contour Analogue DC Voltmeter (MS1)
Contour analogue DC meter (expanded scale). DC Meter is Panel switchable to show 3 different battery banks.

DC Amp Indicator
The 091-8 Amp-Gauge is an induction ammeter which utilizes magnetic induction to measure current. No direct circuit wiring is necessary. Ideal for any mechanic's tool box.

DC/AC Clamp Meter
This simple clamp-on meter measures DC and AC current down to .01 amperes by induction.

Digital kWhr Meter
Digital kWhr Meter, Landis Gyr, 240VAC, 2S form

Digital Volt Meter
Digital Battery Volt Meter LCD 11-65V

E Meter EV/1000A/LLO/RS232 (L10 Box NS OEM Deluxe)
E Meter EV/1000A/LLO/RS232 (L10 Box NS OEM Deluxe)

Economical Voltage Indicator
This economical indicator is a suppressed zero voltmeter wich provides an indication of system voltage.

Kill A WATT™
Connect your appliances into the Kill A Watt™, and assess how efficient they are.

Midnite battery capacity meter
Led’s that correspond to battery voltage

MidNite Graphics Panel
MidNite Graphics Panel

Newmar Digital Instruments for AC/DC Systems
These highly versatile digital instruments enable continuous and comprehensive monitoring of fixed site or mobile AC and DC electrical systems.

Pentametric Battery Monitor
The Pentametric monitor measures 1 or 2 battery systems with a common negative.

Sunny Multigate-US XT Monitoring
The SMA Sunny Multigate-US is an integral component to the Sunny Boy micro inverter system, providing a clear, distortion-free communication solution for micro inverter installations while optimizing system reliability

Trimetric 2025
This amp-hour meter for 12- or 24-volt battery systems (and 48-volt with adapter) reads volts, amps and amp-hours on an LED display

Xantrex LinkLITE/LinkPRO
The LinkLITE and LinkPRO selectively display: voltage-3% accurate, charge and discharge current – 4%
accurate, consumed amp-hours and remaining battery capacity of your 12 or 24V battery bank.

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