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EcoVantage Energy Inc. Your Premier online resource for all of your Renewable Energy Needs. We'll help you be green and save you money on your power needs.

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Nothing happens without energy.  The Sun supplies the energy that powers all life on Earth.

The oil, gas and coal that power human activity are in reality Solar Energy that was captured and stored millions of years ago, just as plants today continue to capture and store it. But the supply of these fossil fuels is finite. For example, in the last century, humans have consumed nearly half of all of the oil that will ever be produced. Consider this in the context of 5000 years of human history. The burning of fossil fuels degrades our environment. Approach any major city and observe the brown haze that engulfs it. We are even managing to change the climate of the Earth itself. The hidden costs are immense, including tax breaks for fossil fuel companies, increased health costs, the long-term costs of climate change, and the cost of military presence in the Persian Gulf. It is clear that human society must eventually be powered by the Renewable Energy sources, Solar and its derivatives. Why not make the switch sooner rather than later?

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New Item
RV Solar Kits

500 Watt/ 55 Amp

Go Power! RV Solar Kit 500 Watt

TED Pro Home Package
TED Pro Home is the most sophisticated residential electricity monitoring system available!


Outback EnergyCell

Medium Pelican™ cases are constructed of light-weight space age structural resin with a neoprene o-ring seal and exclusive purge valve. 
The Green Choice PFC - Power Factor Correction

Customers using the Green Choice PFC Unit have realized savings of up to 25% on their home or small business monthly power bills.




Oliver 55 Series safety footwear

River City Luminator™ Class 3 Bomber Jackets

TruForce™ Rotating Warning Light

Rotating Light
powerful magnetic mount for rooftop use on most vehicles

The 9420XL LED Work Light Kit includes a Blow-molded Case, Lithium-ion Batteries, DC Vehicle Charger, AC Main Charger with Transformer, Charging Station, and Easy Carry Shoulder Strap

Work Light

New Safety Catalog
Safety Works

Solar Attic Fans
Solar Attic Fans
solar-powered vent fan that pulls the heat right out of your attic. It's so effective it can lower attic temperatures by as much as 50°


New Items

Inline Single Pin Connectors (400A / 600V)

SAR with Escape Cylinder
Pressure Demand SAR with Escape Cylinder (NIOSH)

Solar Lantern

For anyone looking to upgrade an existing lamp post with an energy-saving, money-saving solar lamp head, we offer solar light fixtures with different post-mounting styles.

The EnergyCell RE high capacity battery family offers an ideal solution for large capacity Valved Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery requirements.

24V, 2770Ah@20hr
UP to 48V, 2288Ah@20hr

Power Ready System
SunWize Power Ready Systems are complete, fully integrated power supplies designed for site loads requiring 12, 24 or 48 volts DC.

Super Auto Eject®
Deluxe Automatic Power Line Disconnect


Take Advantage of what Nature provides.
Sun, Wind, Water.
You could be in charge of your power needs. Continue....>
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