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SunWize® Power Ready 48 volt Systems
Cat. No. SWI-PR-48V
Weight 100 lbs

SunWize® Power Ready Systems

SunWize Power Ready Systems are complete, fully integrated power supplies designed for site loads requiring 48 volts DC. Each system provides safe and reliable power generation without the need and expense of installing utility power. The sealed, maintenance free batteries are designed for deep cycle operation and extended life in solar applications. The aluminum array support structures and battery enclosures are strong yet lightweight and corrosion resistant for harsh marine or severe weather locations.

For continuous loads of 1 to 100 watts, Power Ready Systems are ideally suited for remote locations. The 750 watt system shown above is a telemetry system used for water quality monitoring.

Features and benefits

  • Solar modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Low voltage load disconnect
  • Sealed, lead-acid battery designed for deep discharge cycling
  • NEC code compliant overcurrent protection and safety disconnect
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Corrosion resistant control/battery enclosure
  • Installation, operation & maintenance documentation
  • Preassembled, prewired systems minimize field installation time and eliminate wiring errors
  • Solid state electronics for improved efficiency and reliability
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time
  • Quality components assure long system life
  • Full system warranty available on prepackaged systems
Shipping and Handling - Power Ready Systems are designed to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites. On chest-style enclosures, optional single-lift lugs and helicopter handling features are also available. Each subsystem is fully assembled for factory testing before shipment. The prewired systems are typically shipped with a protective cover over the array and are secured to a skid. The solar array for larger systems is shipped in a separate plywood crate (optional) and the battery enclosure is mounted on a skid. In some cases, batteries are shipped separately.

Warranty - Power Ready Systems carry a one-year system warranty for materials and workmanship. The solar modules have up to a 25-year warranty. Careful component selection results in a system with a lifetime exceeding 25 years with battery replacements every five to ten years.

System Equipment for
Part Number Configuration

Module Wattage System Voltage Battery Amp-hr Rating Enclosure Type Module Mount Type Enclosure Finish Mount Finish Wire Protection Lightning Protection Load Distribution and Control

48 volts
F – Front opening hinged door, pole mounted
T – Top opening hinged door, ground/pad mounted
C – Front opening door (screw-type), pole mounted
E – Economy
I – Integral with enclosure
P – Pole mount, separate from enclosure
G – Ground mount, separate from enclosure
A – Milled aluminum (standard)
W– Powder coated white aluminum
S – Galvanized steel
F – Fiberglass reinforced polyester
A – Milled aluminum
P – Painted steel
S – Galvanized steel
0 – PV and battery wired directly to controller,
fused battery line
1 – DC-rated circuit breakers for PV and battery
(standard – NEC compliance)
0 – Standard MOV surge protection
1 – Silicon-oxide varistor (SOV)
0 – None, load wired directly to controller
1 – Four terminal load distribution block (standard)
2 – DC-rated circuit breaker
3 – Multi-cycle timer

PR300-48-210-TPWA-111 Power Ready 2 module 300Wp Array, pole mounted on 76.5 in SOP UNIVERSAL mount, 48Vdc, 210AH GEL bat. ground mounted in T6x4D encl
PR600-48-420-TGWA-111 Power Ready 4 module 600Wp Array, ground mounted on 128 in RGM UNIVERSAL mount, 48Vdc, 420AH GEL bat. ground mounted in T8x4D encl
PR900-48-530-TGWA-111 Power Ready 6 module 900Wp Array, ground mounted on 128 in RGM UNIVERSAL mount, 48Vdc, 530AH GEL bat. ground mounted in T8x8D encl



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