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Lay-in Lugs for Module Grounding
These tin-plated copper lugs have stainless steel set screws and come with stainless steel thread-forming screws and lock washers. They meet NEC requirements for connecting a continuous ground wire to all modules. Sold in packages of 10. UL Listed.

WEEB Grounding Clip, for pole/ground-mount PV systems and universal applications
The WEEB-9.5 Grounding Clip is placed between a PV module and its supporting rail, with the standard fastener (1/4 or 5/16) passing through the hole in the WEEB.

WEEB Grounding Clips, for roof-mount PV systems
Specially designed for use with UniRac or DP&W Power Rail mounting systems!

WEEB Grounding Lug - Equipment Rail Bond
Attach WEEB Grounding Lug to a metal surface (mounting rails, supports, poles) using provided hardware, or slide head of mounting screw into slots of UniRac SolarMount or DP&W Power Rail.

WEEB-6.7 Bonding Jumper - Rail to Rail Ground
The WEEB Bonding Jumper can be used to electrically connect any two pieces of anodized
aluminum, galvanized steel, steel and other electrically conductive metal.

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