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Battery Chargers
12-volt Power Supp;ies/converters/chargers for both RV and marine use.Iota, MagneTek, Progressive Dynamics, Kussmaul
Grounding Products
WEEB and Lay-in
Inverter Large
SatConm Solectra, PV Power, SMA, Xantrex
Inverter Small
Battery Base - Samlex, Tripp Lite, Morningstar, Xantrex
Inverters Accessories
Mounts, Monater Data logers
Inverters Battery Base
Inverte, Magnum, Outback Exeltech, Xantrex
Inverters Grid tied
Froniuse SMA, Xantrex, PV power , Outback
Small Parts
Relays, Bridge Rectifiers, Time Delays, Charger Boards, Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors
Surge Protectors
Lightning Arresters, Surge Protectors
Transfer Switches
Iota, Lyght Power, Magnetek, Paralax,
Step Up Transformers
Eaton 5115 Tower UPS
The 5115 UPS significantly extends battery service life with ABM technology and delivers smooth, continuous power with a pure sine wave output while regulating incoming voltage fluctuations.

The POWER-SAVE Units increases power factor, by reducing the amount of reactive power (KVAR) that the load draws from the utility company.

The Green Choice PFC - Power Factor Correction
Any motored device will run significantly cooler and consume much less power. 200 a,p tp 1000 amp

The Green Choice PFC - Three-Phase Unit
Consuming less power is responsible and profitable. 200 to 1000 amp

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