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WEEB Grounding Lug - Equipment Rail Bond
Cat. No. SW-426023

Attach WEEB Grounding Lug to a metal surface (mounting rails, supports, poles) using provided hardware, or slide head of mounting screw into slots of UniRac SolarMount or DP&W Power Rail.  Tighten to 10 ft-lbs to obtain electrical bond to metal surface and attach a grounding wire (6AWG to14AWG, solid or stranded copper wire). WEEB Grounding Lug includes tin-plated copper lug, 1/4-28 screw for attaching grounding wire, WEEB-6.7 Grounding Clip, and 1/4-20 mounting hardware.
WEEB-LUG-6.7 1/4"
WEEB-LUG-8.0 Lug - 5/16"

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