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Load Manager 1HP
Cat. No. 091-167-12

The Model 091-167-12,

 Load Manager 1HP, is a compact, encapsulated load manager, that monitors the battery voltage, and operates a 75 ampere relay to de-energize a load when the voltage drops. With the engine running, and battery above 12.8 volts, the relay contacts are closed, and power is supplied.

With the engine stopped, the loads on the battery will decrease the battery voltage. When the voltage drops below 11.5 volts, the relay contacts open to prevent complete discharge of the battery. A connection to the vehicle's starter prevents opening of the relay contacts during cranking, when a low voltage is expected.
Encapsulation of the electronic circuits protects them from water damage, and permits mounting the Load Manager 1HP under the hood, or other locations.

Blue BulletSheds 1 Load
Blue Bullet75 Amp Relay Contact Rating
Blue BulletLow Voltage Disconnect
Blue BulletPrevents Inadvertent Battery Discharge
Blue BulletEncapsulated Electronics
Blue BulletEngine Start Shutdown Protected
Blue Bullet3 Year Warranty

Input: 12 Vdc
Set Point: 11 Volts
Load Shed Voltage: 11.5 to 12.8 Volts
Starter Inhibit: Load Will Not Be Shed Due to Low Voltage While Engine is Being Cranked (Eliminates Computer Rebooting)
Relay Contacts: 75 Amps
Weight: .5 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

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