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Relay Board 2
Cat. No. 091-32-029X-XX

The Relay Board is a two relay assembly designed to simplify installation and wiring. Two relays are mounted and are energized individually from power supplied through the terminal strip. LED indicators adjacent to each relay are lit whenever the relay is energized. Load circuits are connected directly to the top of the relays with 1/4 inch quick disconnect terminals. By installing this one assembly the complexity of mounting 2 individual relays is reduced and much of the wiring to the relay coils is eliminated. Models are available for 12 and 24 volt operation either by supplying a voltage to the relay or by grounding the relay coil.

Blue Bullet30 Amp Relay Contact Rating
Blue BulletTwo Relays
Blue BulletLED's Indicate When Relay is Energized
Blue BulletNormally Closed and Normally Open Contacts
Blue BulletUse with Load Manager
Blue BulletEasy Installation
Blue Bullet3 Year Warranty

Part Number Voltage Com. Connection Inpute To Operate
091-32-029N-12 12 volts 12 volts Ground
091-32-029P-12 12 volts Ground 12 volts
091-32-029N-24 24 volts 24 volts Ground
091-32-029P-24 24 volts Ground 24 volts

Volts: 12 Vdc
Relay Contacts: 2 Relays, 30 Amps
COM Connection: Ground
Input to Operate: 12 Vdc
Weight: .5 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years


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