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Time Delay Relay, DOPI
Cat. No. 091-100-012-X

The Model 091-100-12 Time Delay Relay is designed to delay the operation of a device for a definite time interval after energizing some other equipment. A typical operation might be to delay a circulation blower upon starting an air conditioner or delaying an electrical load until after the vehicle's engine has started. Thirty ampere, both normally open and normally closed output contacts are provided. A switch selects the polarity of the input signal that starts the time delay. In one position, +12 volts starts the timing cycle, while in the other a ground signal initiates the timer. At the completion of the time interval the output relay is energized.

30 Amp Contacts
Relay Closes at Some Delay After Being Energized
Time Delay is Field Adjustable
Trigger from Either +12 Volts or Ground
Easy Installation

Input: 12 V.D.C.
Output relay: 30 amps
Weight: 4 oz.
Warranty: 3 Years
Ordering Information
Outline Drawing
Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 28Kb)

Model # A B
Time delay setting 5 sec 60 sec
Time delay range 1.5 to 15 sec 11 to 120 sec


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