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Programmable UV & OV Relay
Cat. No. 091-45

The UV-OV Relay Precise - Programmable Voltage Detector monitors the battery system voltage and detects both over voltage and under voltage conditions. The under voltage trip point is programmed by the use of 3 "DIP" switches, which provide for 8 possible settings ranging from 11.44 Volts to 13.01 Volts. Over voltage trip point programming is done similarly with 8 possible settings ranging from 13.66 Volts to 15.06 Volts. These "DIP" switches are easily accessed by removing a snap-on window cover at the top of the unit. Heavy duty, relay contacts are provided for both conditions. These contacts may be hooked up to warning devices indicating abnormal conditions. Three LED indicators are provided under the snap-on cover for system trouble shooting, yellow for under voltage, green for normal, and red for over voltage.

Monitors Battery System Voltage
Detects Under Voltage and Warns for Possible Dead Battery
Easy-to-Use Program Switches Set Under Voltage Trip Point
Detects Over Volateg and Warns for Possible Battery Boil Over
Provides Relay Contacts for Over Voltage and Under Voltage

Input Power: 10 to 17 Volts D.C. (battery system)
Detected Conditions: Under Voltage and Over Voltage
Under Voltage Program Range: 11.44 to 13.01 VDC in 7 discrete 0.22 VDC increments
Over Voltage Program Range: 13.66 to 15.06 VDC in 7 discrete 0.20 VDC increments
Programming Device: 3 "DIP" Switches for Under Voltage, and 3 "DIP" Switches for Over Voltage
Over Voltage Output: Relay Contacts, 15 Amperes Resistive
Under Voltage Output: Relay Contacts, 15 Amperes Resistive
Mating Connector: 10 Pin Quick Disconnect with Screw Terminals (supplied with unit)
Indicators: Located Directly Under Snap-On Window Cover
Under Voltage - Yellow, Normal - Green
Over Voltage - Red
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Warranty: 3 Years
Outline Drawing
Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 82Kb)

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