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2 way and 4 Way Valve Manifolds
This 2 way and 4 way manifold is designed to reduce back pressure on your system.

Cat. No. DP-Mah
Weight 2 lbs

Air Line Reel for Air Ejects
This reel, manufactured by REELCRAFT is an ideal accessory for the AIR EJECT

Cat. No. L-RT450-OLP
Weight 25 lbs

Atlantic Water Gardens AutoFill Kit
Maintains consistent water level in water feature.

Cat. No. DP-AtlAF1
Weight 2 lbs

Auto Clean
A miniature air filter to mount in the output pressure line of the Auto Pump to trap moisture.

Cat. No. K-091-9G-2
Weight 2 lbs

Auto Drain
The Auto Drain system automatically drains the moisture from the seperator each time the compressor shuts down.

Cat. No. K-091-9-131
Weight 1 lbs

Auto Drain AC
The Auto Drain system automatically drains the moisture from the seperator each time the compressor shuts down.

Cat. No. K-091-9-089
Weight 1 lbs

Auto Pump Tester
In the repair and servicing of the Auto Pump it is necessary to measure the pump's capacity, that is, how quickly will the pump pressurize a given tank.

Cat. No. 091-205
Weight 1 lbs

Auto Pump Timer
Limits the duty cycle of the 12 volt Auto Pump to 1 hour running and 1 hour "OFF".

Cat. No. K-091-150
Weight 1 lbs

Auto Pump Timer A.C.
The A.C. Pump timer reduces pump wear and extends pump life by limited the duty cycle, specifically designed for 091-9B-1 & 091-9HP.

Cat. No. K-091-150-115
Weight 2 lbs

Auto Pump, 120V, Rebuilding Kit
Rebuilding Kit for Auto Pump Air Compressor system is a 120 volt 60 Hz

Cat. No. K354
Weight 3 lbs

Auto Pump, 12V, Rebuilding Kit Complete
Auto P ump Rebuilding Kit (with bearing)

Cat. No. K770A
Weight 4 lbs

Automatic-Fill Valve
Adjustable Arm Can Be Used in the Vertical or Horizontal Positions

Cat. No. DP-FT621
Weight 2 lbs

Beckett Frog Spitter
Can be used indoor/outdoor.

Cat. No. DP-BecTF203
Weight 2 lbs

Beckett Gold Turtle Spitter
Beckett Gold Turtle Spitter

Cat. No. DP-BecTT510
Weight 2 lbs

Black Flexible PVC Tubing
Easily accepts our barb fittings.

Cat. No. DP-Blvf
Weight 1 lbs

Black Vinyl Tubing
Easily accepts our barb fittings. Choose from 1/4" to 1-1/4" ID.

Cat. No. DP-Bkv
Weight 1 lbs

Cleanout Hose
Roll-up hose and quick connect fittings to easily connect hose to pump

Cat. No. PCH-xx
Weight 12 lbs

Cleanout Trash Pumps
Submersible Trash Pumps

Cat. No. ETPxxN
Weight 34 lbs

Crane Standing Spitter
Standing Crane Spitter

Cat. No. DP-78314
Weight 4 lbs

Crane with Lowered Head Spitter
Crane with Lowered Head Spitter 78313

Cat. No. DP-78313
Weight 4 lbs

Eco-Plus Economy Float Valve
Controls water level in a reservoir. Includes 1/2 brass barbed fitting.

Cat. No. DP-IEpp170
Weight 2 lbs

Grundfos Accessories
Generator Interface Box for Grundfos SQFlex.

Cat. No. GSQ-ACC
Weight 2 lbs

Hakko Air Pump Stand
Stands for Hakko Air pumps. 40/60/80 and 100/120

Cat. No. DP-KAPS
Weight 1 lbs

Hakko Diaphragm Kits
rebuild diaphragm kits are simple to install.

Cat. No. DP-HDK
Weight 3 lbs

Hakko Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser
The heavy-duty memebrane with highly durable base which is constructed of molded polypropylene.

Cat. No. DP-Mah60
Weight 1 lbs

Hakko Stainless Steel Manifolds
Accepts Hakko rubber elbows and 3/4" black vinyl hose.

Cat. No. DP-HSSM
Weight 1 lbs

Hudson Valve
Maintains fluid levels using fluid pressure, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force to close.

Cat. No. DP-HV
Weight 2 lbs

Laguna Float Valve
Keeps pond water at desired levels by replenishing water loss.

Cat. No. DP-Lag1842
Weight 1 lbs

Little Giant Auto-Fill Valve
1/2" NPT valve with adjustable float

Cat. No. DP-Lit566286
Weight 2 lbs

Magnet for Hakko Pumps
Magnet for Hakko

Cat. No. DP-MHP
Weight 1 lbs

Matala Diffuser Tubing
Matala Diffuser Tubing

Cat. No. DP-MDT
Weight 5 lbs

Matala Dual Air Base w/ 9
Double head handles airflow from 2.8 - 8.4 cfm.

Cat. No. DP-Mah32
Weight 5 lbs

Matala Kink Free Black Flex Hose
Choose from 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inch sizes - Available in 100 foot and 25 foot rolls or by the foot.

Weight 2 lbs

Matala Single Air Base w/ 9
Matala offers a 9" membrane air diffuser assembly that features a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel.

Cat. No. DP-Mah30
Weight 3 lbs

Matala Weighted Air Hose
Matala thick wall, nonkinking, flexible PVC weighted hose is ideal for use in aeration systems.

Cat. No. DP-MWAH
Weight 2 lbs

Matala/Hakko Air Diffusers
Each has a 3 size barb fitting 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8"

Cat. No. DP-HKAD
Weight 1 lbs

Mounting Plate
Developed to provide a soft mount for the Auto Pump to reduce vibration and for simplified mounting

Cat. No. K-091-9H-1
Weight 2 lbs

PondMaster Air Diffuser
PondMaster, Air diffusers.

Cat. No. DP-PAD
Weight 1 lbs

SPDT float switch
The SPDT float switch can be used to control a pump in tank-filling or tank-emptying operation.

Cat. No. SPDT
Weight 2 lbs

SunPumps Controllers
SunPumps PCA and PCB series pump controllers are microprocessor-controlled DC power converters designed as the interface between a DC powered pump and the power source.

Cat. No. SP-Cont
Weight 4 lbs

SunRotor Controllers
SunRotor 5 Controller - Variable Speed Control, Timer, Molded Metal Enclosure w/ Hinged Doors, Tank-Full & Low Water Sensor Inputs

Cat. No. SRC-
Weight 5 lbs

Weatherproof Adapter Kit for the Air Eject
The Weatherproof Adapter Kit provides a recessed mounting for the Air Eject and a gasketed cover which automatically closes when the air line is ejected.

Cat. No. 091-28AK
Weight 2 lbs

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