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Grundfos Accessories
Cat. No. GSQ-ACC
Weight 2 lbs

The SQFlex system is truly a flexible and reliable water supply system based on renewable and alternate energy sources, such as solar, wind turbines, generators and batteries. It is designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation, and is especially suitable for water supply applications in remote locations.

463012 IO-100 Simple On/Off switch box for Grundfos SQFlex solar electric system. 4.4
463014 IO-101 Generator Interface Box for Grundfos SQFlex. Includes On/Off switch (replaces IO 100) 4.4 and allows for operation of SQFlex pump for either solar or manual-start generator.
463015 IO-102 Wind Generator Breaker Box. This box includes a rectifier for the wind generator and a stop switch, and allows 4.4 the Grundfos SQFlex pump to operate from either the H200 wind generator or a combination of wind and solar.
463011 CU-200 SQFlex Control Box. This controller and system monitor can be used with solar alone or in combination with 4.4 the IO101 (for manual generator backup) and/or the IO102 (for wind generator). The CU200 will allow you to add a float switch to shut off the pump when the storage tank is full. The system monitor display on the CU200 shows the following;
Pump operation
Full Tank
Input Power (Watts)
Alarm Indicator for dry running, overvoltage, overload and overtemperature.
Water Level Switch - Mechanical float switch


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