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Auto Pump Timer A.C.
Cat. No. K-091-150-115
Weight 2 lbs

The A.C. Pump timer reduces pump wear and extends pump life by limited the duty cycle, specifically designed for 091-9B-1 & 091-9HP.

Reduces Auto Pump Heating
Protects Pump from Wearout and Extends Pump Life
Completely Automatic
Easy Installation on Any A.C. Pump    

The Model 091-150-115 A.C. Auto Pump Timer is designed expressly for the Models 091-9B-1-AD, 091-9HP, and 091-9HP-AD Auto Pumps. The timer reduces pump wear and extends pump life by limiting the duty cycle to one hour running followed by a one hour OFF time. When an AC Auto Pump is installed in a vehicle that experiences high air leakage the pump contunually runs. This continual running creates higher temperatures and high wear rates reducing the pumps efficiency and life. Easily installed, the timer has no effect on normal pump operation and assures long AC Auto Pump life.


Input Voltage:
115 VAC, 60Hz

Input Current:
.020 amps max

A.C. Auto Pump Load, 5 amps max.
Weight: 10 ounces
: 3 Years

Outline Drawing
Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 260Kb

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