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Axe - Splitting
The largest, longest axe that Gerber makes, the Splitting Axe has an extra-long Fibercomp™ handle and weighted, stainless steel head for power when splitting logs and chopping roots.

Axe, Back Paxe™
The Back Paxe™ is Gerber's lightweight, easy-to-pack hatchet that is both functional and convenient.

Axe, Camp Axe II
The Camp Axe™ is an essential part of any outdoorsman’s equipment. It combines a full size hatchet head with a tough and lightweight handle.

Bear Grylls Compact Multi-tool
The only compact multi-tool with two full size blades on it

Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-tool, Nylon Sheath
Rugged construction, spring loaded pliers, external locking tools and an extra grippy handle earn this tool its moniker: the Ultimate Multi-tool.

Carabiner Lite 1.0
The lightweight, but durable plastic Carabiner Lite 1.0 with strong wire clip attaches to just about anything–book bags, backpacks or other gear.

The CarryBiner™ is a large, heavy-duty carabiner with comfortable rubber grip that is great for carrying multiple bags, groceries, or gear.

Deluxe Hunters Pruning Kit
This convenient kit combines the highly-efficient cutting action of Gerber's Sport Saw with the nip-it-in-the bud precision of our Ratcheting Pruner..

Dual Carabiner 2-Pack
The Dual Carabiner is great when multiple, temporary attachments are needed

Dual Carabiner Lite
The Dual Carabiner Lite is great when multiple, temporary attachments are needed.

Dual Carabiner With Bottle Opener
The Dual Carabiner With Bottle Opener is great when multiple, temporary attachments are needed

Emergency Response Kit
Paxe™, Gerber Multi-Plier® 600, a Gerber® Sliding Saw, Gerber® Window Punch, Gerber® Rescue Shear, and a Stream light® Flashlight in a compact, easy to stow kit.

Folding Spade™
The Gerber ® Folding Spade™ is the finest folding shovel available, being the only one approved for use by NATO.

Gator Brush Thinner
The dramatically shaped carbon steel blade is set in a sturdy, newly redesigned, easier to grip handle with gator over-mold

Gator Machete Jr w/ Nylon Sheath
Built just as tough as the Gator Machete, the Junior is shorter and more packable.

Gator Machete w/ Nylon Sheath
The Gator Machete has a 15-inch fine-edge blade on one side and an 18-inch high performance saw blade on the other.

Gator™ Exchange-A-Blade®
2005 Gator Exchange-a-Blade Saw - 2 Blades: Wood/Coarse + Bone/Fine - Black Sheath - Clam

Gator™ Combo Axe
Gator textured rubber to the grip for an unprecedented level of comfort and control.

Gator™ Combo Axe II
This axe is a simple and effective chopping tool. It packs easily and hits hard. Plus, it comes with a well-designed saw that tuck...

Gator® Machete Pro, Nylon Sheath
This is the top of the heap for Gerber machetes

Gerber Multi-Plier® 600 Series - Maintenance Kit
Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers, the Multi-Plier 600 maintenance kit pairs a needlenose Multi-Plier 600 stainless multi-tool with carbide insert cutters and a premium replaceable RemGrit® blade with our Firecracker™ flashlight.

Gerber Octane™
Patented one-hand opening design makes the Octane a quick starter, while the sleek form and function ensure it's a top performer.

Original 3-in-1® Self-Defense Spray
In a pocket or on a key ring, this spray is ready when needed

Paracord With Clip
A stylish Paracord with Clip keychain you’ll be glad to have in any survival situation.

Shortcut™ Mini Scissor Keychain Tool
There are scissors. And then there is the Shortcut; a stubbornly strong mini-scissors accompanied by an array of functional, practical, stainless steel tools.

Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit
If you're the sort of hunter whos been known to get an animal on the ground now and then, you really oughta consider Gerber's Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit.

Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit
The Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit is a collection of some of the world's finest outdoor tools.

Vehicle Safety Kit, Black Nylon Case
This pack measures only 12”X11”X3”, yet contains five of the highest quality tools that are indispensable for emergency situations.

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