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Original 3-in-1 Self-Defense Spray

In a pocket or on a key ring, this spray is ready when needed, firing a powerful cone-shaped stream of 3-in-1 Triple Formula (10% pepper gas, 1% CS tear gas, and invisible UV dye) with effective results. Unit includes a snap-close holster and key ring for concealment/attachment. 0.38 oz.

NOTE:In use pictures may show items not included or sold separately.

NOTE:It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to understand local laws concerning the purchase and use of pepper spray products. Buyer agrees to such laws and further agrees that these products are not intended for illegal use. Logistics Supply Corporation, LLC is not responsible for misrepresentation by buyer nor the misuse of any product purchased in this offering. By submitting an order to Logistics Supply, the buyer states that they are 18 years of age, understands local laws governing the purchase and use of these products and agrees to all terms and conditions of this transaction. No warranties are implied or expressed.

NOTE:Cannot ship this product to the following locations: Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Catalina.

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