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25-Foot Cable Snake Steel Fish Tape
The aerodynamic tip reduces friction, requiring less force and decreasing hang-ups.

Cable Snake, 120 ft
Cable Snake, 120' x 1/8" x 0.060"

Deluxe Fish Tape, 50 ft
Deluxe Fish Tape, 50' x 1/8" x 0.060"

Fish Ease Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks make it easier to install wire through walls, above ceilings, or underneath carpet

Glo Fish Glow-in-the-Dark Fish Sticks
Glo Fish Sticks are made from luminescent fiberglass that glows in the dark,

Mini Cable Snake
Gardner Bender's innovative Mini Cable Snake is an ultra-compact 15 foot fishtape for installing a variety of wire and cable including electrical wire, speaker wire, and network cable over short runs inside walls and ceilings.

Non-Conductive Upperhand Fishtape 100ft
Non-Conductive Upperhand Fishtape, 100' x 1/8" x 0.060"

Upperhand Steel Fishtape 125ft
Upperhand Steel Fishtape, 125' x 1/8" x 0.060"

Upperhand Steel Fishtape, 250 ft
Upperhand Steel Fishtape, 250' x 1/8" x 0.060"

Upperhand Steel Fishtape, 65ft
Upperhand Steel Fishtape, 65' x 1/8" x 0.060"

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