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Non-Conductive Upperhand Fishtape 100ft
Cat. No. FTN-100R

GB's series of UpperHand fish tapes has improved traditional hand fishing with the first ergonomic fish tape in the industry; easy to grip, easy to retract, and backed by an industry leading 5-Year Limited Warranty. The improved housing design is manufactured with impact-resistant ABS and nylon resins that exceed the 25ft drop test. Choose the Fiberglass UpperHand to gently fish wire through conduit that already contains cable. This tape's flat shape glides easily to prevent damage while the specially designed tip prevents hang ups in the conduit. Tip design pulls up to 500 lbs.

  • Ergonomic handle secures your grip at the strongest point and keeps the user's wrist in a normal, upright position to reduce strain and enhance productivity on the job
  • Interior grip fits the user's palm, reducing the number of pressure points common on most fish tapes
  • Total weight under 3 pounds
  • 12 Inch external ring diameter with 5.5 Inch internal ring diameter

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