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Lyght Power 50 amp /120V Transfer Switch
Cat. No. LPT50MRD

Like the LPT30, the LPT50MRD is designed to provide automatic selection between two sources of power. It can switch 12OVAC up to 50 amps, and is provided with generator start up delay. The LPT50MRD is designed for use in a circuit capable of delivering not more than 500A rms symmetrical, 300V maximum, When protected by a circuit breaker rated not more than 50 amps. The system load shall not exceed 40A inductive, 50A resistive, or a combination there of. The LPT50MRD is also designed with DC coiled relays to reduce hum. The LPT50MRD measures 7 1/8 inches long, by 8 inches wide and 4 inches high.


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