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Lyght Power 30 amp Transfer Switch
Cat. No. LPT30

The Lyght Power Automatic Transfer Switch is designed to provide automatic selection between two sources of power, such as a shore cord and a generator. The LPT30 can switch 120VAC up to 30 amps and is provided with a defeatable generator start UD delay. It is designed for straight forward wiring. The metallic enclosure is provided with knockouts of various sizes. Just select the proper size, remove knockouts, and install cable clamps in knockout holes. The LPT3O is designed for use in a circuit capable of delivering not more than 500A rms symmetrical, 150V maximum, when protected by a circuit breaker rated not more than 30 amps.

The LPT30 is intended for usage as an electrical transfer switch to automatically switch multiple sources (from one to another), i.e. switching from shoreline to generator power or switching from electronic inverter to shoreline/generator.

The LPT30 is primarily designed for installation in conjunction with a generator having a rated output of not larger than 4.5kw, an external power cord having a rated output of not larger than 120VAC, 30A, 1PH, 60HZ and an electronic inverter having a rated output of not larger than 3600 watts.

Contractors: General purpose DPDT 30 amp relay
Coil: 110VDC, 2 watts
Time Delay: Custom time delay, 30 seconds nominal may bypass time delay with switch on board
Physical Size: 6" x 6" x 3"
Knockouts: 1/2" and 3/4" Cautions: *Install vertically or horizontally in a dry, accessible area.*Maximum service 120 VAC, 30AMPS single phase: must be used with a circuit distribution panel having a main breaker rated 30AMPS-1 Pole, or less. Suitable for installation in conjunction with power supplies having rated outputs not larger than 120VAC, 30AMPS.

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