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Parallax 6730
Cat. No. 6730

High reliability and value for smaller RV classes.

The Model 6730 electronic converter/charger from Parallax is the perfect power solution for smaller RV classes. The filtered DC power is free from spikes and surges, ensuring bright lighting and smooth operation of amenities. The DC output of 30 amps brings convenience and reliability to the user?s RV experiences.

Rugged steel construction provides durability which withstands the rigors of RVing. Parallax provides even more value with extensive AC/DC distribution which is integrated into the unit. All AC circuit breakers are provided pre-wired. Included are one 30-amp main AC circuit breaker, one 20-amp circuit breaker, and two 1 5-amp circuit breakers. Locations for five DC fuses and a fuse for reverse polarity also are provided.

 Specifications Model 6730 Converter/Charger
Product Dimensions AC Distribution
WIdth: 13.75 (1.) 30 amp main circuit breaker
Height 7" (1) 20 amp branch circuit breaker
Depth 5.5" (2) 15 amp branch circuit breakers
(face plate 13.75 W x 7" H) All circuit breakers are provided pre-wired
Cut-out Area Required DC Distribution
Width, 12.75 (5) DC fuse circuit locations
Height 6.25 (1) reverse polarity protection fuse location
Weight 8.5 lbs. Reverse polarity fuse included load fuses (does not include package) not supplied.
DC Output 30 amps Meets or exceeds listing requrements for use an RV.

6730 Converter/Charger


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