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Parallax ParaMode tm 4400 Series
Cat. No. 4400

The Parallax power center concept – combining power conversion, battery charging, and AC/DC distribution – is a benchmark for RV power supplies. The 7300 Series saves space and cost, while also providing the benefits of filtered DC power from electronic switch mode technology.

The clean DC output is ideal for powering today’s electronically controlled appliances, accessories and motors. 7300 Series power is free from “spikes” and surges”, regardless of AC power source stability. Smooth appliance operation and bright flicker-free lighting are benefits end-users appreciate. The full output rating is available for battery charging, virtually eliminating dead or drained batteries. The optional two-step battery charging feature provides: automatic control for efficient recharging; minimizing of over-charging; and long-term float service without overcharging, which is especially beneficial for park usage and storage periods.

The 7300 Series features a whisper quiet cooling fan, resulting in nearly inaudible operation. And FCC Class B Certification attests that the 7300 minimizes signal interference with Tvs, radios, and emergency channels. UL/CUL listed. All Parallax products carry a standard two-year warranty.

Model AC Input C Output 120 VAC Branches DC Branches Dimensions Weight
Watts Volt AMP
7445 105-130 60 Hz 660 14.0 max
@ no load
13.2 max
@full load
45 5 9 11.75" x14" x 7" 8.5 lbs
7455 105-130 60 Hz 930 14.0 max
@ no load
13.2 max
@full load
55 5 9 11.75" x14" x 7" 8.5 lbs

Dimensions Weight
11.75" x14" x 7" 8.5 lbs

Owner/Operator Manual 7300 Series


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