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MagWeb Monitoring Kit
Cat. No. ME-MW

ME-MW-W (Wireless) or ME-MW-E (ethernet)    
The MagWeb is a powerful and cost effective tool for remotely monitoring Magnum Energy’s inverters and accessories. Installed on the Magnum network, the MagWeb provides live Internet monitoring of the inverter, battery monitor, and automatic generator start module. Using your always on Internet connection, the MagWeb makes live and historical conditions available to you through a web browser at

The MagWeb constantly streams data to your personal web pages, providing details on Current Conditions, Current Settings, and Daily Summaries for historical records. Monitoring includes:

  • Inverter/Charger:
    • Status
    • Program settings
    • Faults
    • DC volts, DC amps
    • Invert, charge LEDs
    • Tech menus
  • Battery Monitor status
  • Auto Gen Start (AGS) status
     ME-MW-W Owner's Manual     64-0050-Rev-A-MagWeb.pdf
     ME-MW-E Owner's Manual     64-0055-Rev-A-MagWeb-E.pdf
     MagWeb Data Sheet    64-0650-Rev-A-MagWeb-Data-Sheet.pdf


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