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Parallax ParaMode™ 5400
Cat. No. 5465

ParaMode 5400 series Electronic Converter/Charger With Power Factor Correction Power Facorer4 rating of how effectively a device or system uses electrical power. This is normally expressed as a value from 0-1 and represents a percentage (0.5 = 50%) A low power factor represents a waste of energy. For examples a device that consumers 1000 watts of power with a power factor of 0.5 is wasting 500 watts of power to operate. This can happen in several electrical situations, including RV switching power converts systems.

The main causes for poor power factor are.
  • Voltage Lagging Current
  • Harmonics and/or noise distorting the waveform

Power Factor Correction works to smooth the waveforms and make them more sinusodial , as well as working to alight the voltage and current waveforms. These corrections in the waveform reduce wasting energy, which obviously can reduce operation coasts. Other benefits of PFC technology include the ability to produce more output amperage while maintaining a lower input current. The can really aid RV’s that are operated on 30Amp shore service, imagine an extra 10Amps of battery charging capability without the fear of tripping breakers form overloading your 120VAC input current. The smoothing and alignment of the waveforms also reduces stress on internal converting componentry which can lead to extended product life.

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