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OutBack ProHarvest PRO208-5k75 TrueString Inverter
Cat. No. TS208-5k75

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OutBack Power’s ProHarvest TrueString Inverter System is a small, flexible, reliable, roof-mounted, three-phase commercial inverter solution for 208 VAC installations. The modular ProHarvest inverters have NEMA 6 enclosures, and can be mounted on the solar racking under the PV array. Each inverter has two MPPT inputs and can be strung at either 600 VDC or 1,000 VDC, due to the wide MPPT tracking window. Strings may be different lengths, increasing layout flexibility.
Each unit weighs just 24 lbs. Each inverter allows for two strings of modules on separate DC inputs to the dual MPPT circuits. These inverters are ideal for new or retrofit installs, for installation in desert and coastal environments, and do not require any wall space or prepared concrete pads.

They have arc-fault protection and are NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant when mounted under the solar array. Installers will utilize the ProHarvest AC Trunk Cables, offered in 5, 15, and 30’ lengths, to connect the inverters to the ProHarvest AC Splice Box. The ProHarvest Solar AC Splice Box enables combining up to three ProHarvest Solar Inverters into one common AC home run, which then terminates in a subpanel on a 60 A three-phase breaker. Multiple combiners can be used for larger solar arrays, each landing on a dedicated breaker in a PV Subpanel. The ProHarvest Gateway Device connects to a 120 VAC power source and auto-discovers any
connected inverters then communicates via data over power line technology. The entire ProHarvest Inverter System is fast and easy to install and commission, and can easily track performance and detect issues on each module string.

  • Three-phase 208 VAC output transformerless inverter with dual-MPPT DC inputs
  • NEC 690.11 compliant arc-fault protection
  • NEC 2014 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant
  • 10-year standard warranty, extendable to 25 years
  • Monitoring Gateway over powerline communications with plant, inverter, and MPPT level visibility
  • High reliability with NEMA 6 enclosure, and no electrolytic capacitors, operating temperature range of -40 °F to 145 °F (-40 °C to +65 °C)
  • No high-voltage DC-wiring runs outside of array, and utilizes common AC branch-circuit wiring from inverters to interconnection.
  • Listed to UL 1741, and designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

SeriesHiQ TrueString Inverter System
Manufacturer Part NumberTS208-5k75
DescriptionOutBack ProHarvest TrueString 208V Inverter PRO208-5k75
Long Description•Three Phase 208 VAC output, modular, transformerless inverter •NEC 690.11 arc fault compliant •NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown compliant •10 year standard warranty, extendable to 25 years •High reliability with NEMA6 enclosure, and no electrolytic capacitors
Maximum Input String Voltage1000.0
Minimum MPPT Range325

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