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Phocos Modular Central Unit
Cat. No. P-MCU 2.0

As the central control unit, MCU is a key component of Phocos‘ modular power management family. MCU offers a variety of functions such as priority load management based on user-adjustable voltage thresholds as well as control or alarm functions through an integrated relay control output. This intelligent control unit allows for the synchronization of up to sixteen Phocos power modules (MPPT/MPS) while providing complete system monitoring with integrated datalogging memory.

MCU‘s features open an endless spectrum of system design possibilities and combinations. Customizing your system electronics is as simple as choosing the appropriate Modular Power Management components for the application and assigning their responsibilities. This flexibility eliminates production lead times for customized electronics for standalone power supplies.

  • Synchronizes up to 16 power modules (MPS/MPPT) (up to 8 MPM chargers, up to 8 MPM load switches, up to 4 MCS shunt interfaces)
  • Excess energy management
  • Up to five years datalogging memory
  • Relay control output
  • Intelligent load management
  • PC interface
  • Advanced diversion control
  • DIN rail mounting


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