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Newmar Volt Stabilizing Converters
Cat. No. VSC

Feed sensitive electronics with proper voltage regardless of battery condition. These stabilizing converters provide continuous, precisely regulated output over the entire range of a battery's usable voltage. This prevents subjecting loads to fluctuating input voltage which can cause shutdown, diminish performance and possibly damage sensitive circuitry.

These converters provide total input/output isolation, virtually eliminating conducted line noise and permitting connection of negative ground loads to positive or floating ground systems, or vice versa. They can also be modified for use as battery chargers, allowing maintenance of a battery at a great distance from the charging source, providing reserve power if the main source fails. The rugged anodized aluminum case is ideal for mobile applications

Application Benefits Include:
Operate electronics at optimal input voltage, even from nearly drained batteries
Boost voltage to compensate for voltage drops in long wire runs from batteries
Eliminate voltage drops during momentary high current drain from batteries, as during engine start
Eliminate voltage fluctuation from charge sources
Eliminate voltage overshoot due to sudden removal of high current load


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