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Auto Power
Cat. No. 091-136-24-12

The AUTO POWER is a small, highly reliable, switching power converter designed to operate 12-volt devices from a 24-volt battery. Filtering of the output is provided to eliminate noise when operating a radio or sensitive electronic instruments. Capable of driving loads up to 3 amperes, the device provides reliable power at all load currents from zero to 3 amperes. Housed in a vented enclosure the AUTO POWER may be easily mounted adjacent to the equipment it powers.

Converts 24 Volt to 12 Volt Power
Low Ripple Output
Powers Radios or Electronic Instruments
Rugged Construction, Short Circuit Proof

Input: 26 +/- 4 volts D.C.
Output voltage: 12.5 +/- .5 volts
Output current: 3 amperes maximum
Output ripple: 10 mv. RMS maximum
Warranty: 3 Years

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