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SMA, Sunny Highpower Peak3, 3-Ph Grid Tied Utility Inverter
Cat. No. 3-150-1500-2-20

Accelerate large-scale installation speed.
1500 VDC, 125 and 150 kW, compact design

PEAK 3 stands for pure power. With its compact design, the inverter offers maximum power density at minimum weight. This results in less expensive transportation and simplified installation. In combination with the project-specific DC Combiner Boxes, the PV array can be oversized up to 150 %. The Data Manager powered by ennexOS completes the system and enables it to fulfill all of the grid operator’s requirements.

Maximum safety & reliability
The PEAK3 inverter focuses on what is most important – maximum yield and optimal plant availability. All features and functionality have been specifically engineered to reduce weight, minimize potential error sources and maximize efficiency. Field-proven OptiCool™ active cooling technology ensures reliable, long-term operation.

Flexible, easily scalable plant design
The PEAK3 system solution combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with those of the central inverter concept. The DC Combiner Boxes enable efficient planning and easy expansion of large-scale solar plants even on irregular terrain. Thanks to the modular approach, projects can be scaled both in terms of power and function. This means maximum flexibility in the plant design.

Ready for the digital energy world of tomorrow
The PEAK3 system solution is ready for ennexOS, SMA’s ground breaking digital platform. ennexOS converges the data of all relevant energy sectors to achieve modern, forward-looking energy solutions. The platform is regularly updated and currently offers powerful features such as satellite-based performance ratio monitoring.

SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK3 125-US / 150-US - A superior modular solution for large-scale power plants
Type: Data sheetLanguage: English (US)Number: SHP-US-DS-en-16Version: 1.6

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