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Exeltech XP125 Sinewave Inverter
Cat. No. ELX-XP125

Made in America, EXELTECH XP SERIES INVERTERS are the most affordable, reliable, lightweight and best regulated, true sine wave inverters available. The XP SERIES inverter will operate any AC load anywhere. Ultra lightweight, yet rugged enough for the most extreme mobile environments, and are UL listed to 1950 for telecom applications.

Exeltech XP125 Sinewave Inverter  125 Watt

DC INPUTS (12 VDC - 108 VDC)
: a 6' non-terminated, two conductor power cord is provided. Insulation on the negative (-)conductor is black and insulation on the positive (+) conductor is red. Cigarette Lighter connection Available on 12 Volt Models only (not UL listed)

AC OUTPUTS:one NEMA-15 outlet (standard wall receptacle) is located on the Front Panel.

LOW BATT / THERM BUZZER ; produces an audible alarm if DC input voltage falls to a level within 2% to 4% of the low limit of inverter, or, if there is an over temperature condition.

OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTION: If input voltage to the inverter exceeds set limits, the inverter will immediately and without warning shut off. When input voltage returns to normal range, the inverter will immediately restart. Since high over voltages tend to have very fast edges, the inverter must shut down quickly to protect itself. This kind of fault usually occurs if the battery is suddenly disconnected from the system and the battery charger continues to supply current.

UNDER VOLTAGE PROTECTION: When battery voltage falls to within 2% to 4% of low line voltage, the LOW BATT / THERM buzzer will sound. If the condition continues without reducing load to the inverter or adding charge to the battery, the inverter will shut off. When voltage rises to approximately 95% of nominal battery voltage, the inverter will turn back on and the alarm condition will clear. The inverter can be manually reset by cycling the on/off switch. This will reset the protection circuitry and turn the inverter on at any voltage above minimum voltage.

XP-125 / 12VDC
13.8 VDC
10.4 / 10.6 VDC
16.5 VDC
12.3 A
13.9 A
XP-125 / 24VDC
27.6 VDC
19 / 21 VDC
33 VDC
6.1 A
7 A
XP-125 / 48VDC
55.2 VDC
41.5 / 42.5 VDC
62 VDC
3.1 A
3.5 A
XP-125 / 66VDC
75.9 VDC
57.5 / 58.5 VDC
91 VDC
2.2 A
2.5 A
XP-125 / 108VDC
124.0 VDC
94 / 95 VDC
149 VDC
1.4 A
1.6 A

Continuous Power
Surge Power
No Load Power
Output Voltage
Output Current
Weight LBS.
125 Watt
150 Watts
5 Watts
100 +/- 6%
125 Watt
150 Watts
5 Watts
120 +/- 6%




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