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Astronergy 290W Poly Solar Module
Astronergy: 290W Poly Solar Module - NINGBO Connector

Cat. No. AGY-10111
Weight 58.1 lbs


Cat. No. AUO/BenQ
Weight 55 lbs

Canadian Solar 265 and 270 watt Solar Modules
All CSI modules are produced using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. For more information, please go to CSI Module Key Features.

Cat. No. CSI-1000x
Weight 40 lbs

QCells, 260W to 325W PV Module, PV4, PV Wire

Cat. No. 110-1014
Weight 41 lbs

Hyundai, 260W PV Module
Hyundai: 250W PV Module, Black Frame Poly, HiS-M260MG

Cat. No. 110-0932
Weight 41.9 lbs

LG Solar Limited quantity currently available
LG Electronics USA: 265W PV Module, Black Frame Mono, LG265S1C-A3

Cat. No. LG265S1C-A3
Weight 36.96 lbs

Panasonic Module HIT® N325 and N330
Employing 96 cells in the same size footprint, N325 HIT® produce up to 36% more free electricity compared to conventional 60-cell panels.

Cat. No. VBHN325SA16
Weight 33.1 lbs

Peimar, 270W PV Module
The PEIMAR polycrystalline solar panels are a perfect combination of high-efficiency and versatility.

Cat. No. SG270P
Weight 39.68 lbs

Powerup 120
120 watt 12 VDC solar electric module

Cat. No. BSP120-12
Weight 25 lbs

Powerup 185
BSP185-24 High Efficiency Monocyrstalline Solar Module

Cat. No. BSP185-24
Weight 42 lbs

REC AE-US Series PV modules
The REC AE-US Series modules, made in Sweden by REC, are a series of high quality solar modules designed to meet system demand for exceptional performance.

Cat. No. AEE-REC
Weight 48.5 lbs

SolarWorld SQ80 PV Module
The SolarWorld SQ8O module contains 36 series connected 125 x 125 mm PowerMax® mono-crystalline silicon solar cells

Cat. No. SW-SQ80
Weight 20 lbs

SolarWorld, 285W
Black 4.0 Frame on Black backsheet

Cat. No. 110-0968
Weight 35 lbs

SolarWorld, 295W
Plus 295 mono 5BB

Cat. No. 110-1045
Weight 39.7 lbs

SolarWorld, 300W
As a leading global specialist in solar power technology and components, we offer you our complete series of products which are manufactured to the highest quality control standards.

Cat. No. 110-1011
Weight 33 lbs

Sonali Solar 100 watt
Sold by Pallet of 30

Cat. No. SS-100
Weight 1000 lbs

Sonali Solar 36 Cell 190 watt
190 w 12 Volt , Pallet of 29

Cat. No. SS190
Weight 765.6 lbs

Sonali Solar 60 Cell 310 to 320 watt
Pallet of 33

Cat. No. SS3xx0
Weight 1382 lbs

Sonali Solar 72 cell 210 watt to 215 watt
Sold by Pallet 45

Cat. No. SS-xxx
Weight 1570 lbs

Suniva, PV Module
Optimus® modules are known for their superior quality and long-term reliability.

Cat. No. 110-0908
Weight 50.7 lbs

SUNLINQ™ Portable Power Pack 30, 62 and 124 watt
The P3-124 Portable Power Pack is a solar-energized power generator for your mobile power needs.

Cat. No. GS-Large
Weight 1 lbs

SUNLINQ™ Small Portable Power Pack 12 Watt
Global Solar thin-film photovoltaic technology is perfect for charging many consumer products. Lightweight, foldable and durable, our solar cell designs are a proven product already used in space, military equipment, and large grid systems.

Cat. No. GSE-12
Weight 2 lbs

SUNLINQ™ Small Portable Power Pack 25 Watt
The SunLinq 25 watt solar module, designed specifically for the marine and outdoor industry is made with the same PowerFLEX™ technology as the SunLinq 6.5 & 12 watt, but is encapsulated in a polyurethane material buildup.

Cat. No. GS-16013
Weight 3 lbs

Trina Solar 230, 235 , 240, 295 300 and 305 watt
Currently the most popular panel produced by Trina Solar.180, 220 , 230, and 240 watt

Cat. No. TRI-1000x
Weight 43 lbs

Value Line Series (VLS) Solar Modules
50 to 150 watt

Cat. No. AM-VLS
Weight 8 lbs

Value Line Series (VLS-T) Solar Modules
The VLS-T line is designed and manufactured with quality materials and is available in 50, 90, AND 140,

Cat. No. AM-VLST
Weight 8 lbs

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