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Canadian Solar 265 and 270 watt Solar Modules
Cat. No. CSI-1000x
Weight 40 lbs

CSI has many years of experience in the production of solar modules. CSI modules' meticulous design and production techniques ensure a high-yield, long-term performance of each module produced. CSI's rigorous quality control and in-house testing facilities ensure that CSI modules meet the highest quality standards. The different sizes of modules composed of 5" and 6" mono-and polycrystalline can be used for various solar power applications, from the rooftop to large solar plants.

High-Efficiency Solar Cells - By producing solar cells in-house, as well as through our carefully selected 3rd-party cell suppliers, CSI is able to utilize high-quality and high-efficiency solar cells in its modules.

Reinforced Solar Glass - The use of high-transparency low-iron tempered glass allows maximum light permeability while enhancing stiffness and impact resistance.

Advanced Cell Encapsulation - The interconnected cells are embedded in ultra transparent EVA with multilayer backsheets for additional weather protection.

Optimized Module Surface Area - The distance between the frame edge and the cell circuitry is calculated according to the electrical output optimization.

Optimized Module Surface Area - The specially designed module frame makes installing process easy. The specially treated aluminum frame substantially increases module endurance against high winds and snow load.

Tight Quality Control - CSI employs quality control standards for automobile industry at each stage of the production. Its factories are certified under ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2000, and QC 08000 (HSPM).

Surpassing Industry Standards - CSI modules meet the highest industry standards possible in accordance to IEC, TUV and UL1703 certifications.

Performance Guarantee - CSI provides a 25-year performance warranty.

Data Sheet EN(US/Can) 200 watt 

EN(US/Can) 160 to 190 watt 


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