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CD Solar Light
The CDT Motion-sensor Solar Light can provide lighting wherever needed indoors or out.

Cat. No. CDT-SL8
Weight 2 lbs

Hanging Solar Accent Light with Attachable Planter Basket
The Gama Sonic GS-6 solar-charged LED light plus hanging planter helps enhance a home’s curb appeal.

Cat. No. GS-6
Weight 1 lbs

Ladybug Solar Light Set
Solar powered decorative lights are ideal for decorating shrubs or flowerbeds around the pond

Cat. No. 3751MRM4
Weight 3 lbs

LED Replacement Bulb - Reader BA15s, Bayonet bulbs
For replacing BA15s (#1156) Single Contact and BA15d (#1142) Double Contact (level side pins) Bayonet bulbs in popular bulkhead reading lamps

Cat. No. ILBA11xx-06W
Weight 0.5 lbs

Luna Metal Solar Stake Light
Luna Metal Solar Stake Light

Cat. No. 3083WRM1
Weight 4 lbs

Magic Globe 8in
Floating Solar Magic Globe Light - 8" diameter

Cat. No. 3381MRM1
Weight 2 lbs

Pico LED Light
The Pico Light is a multifunctional mobile or stationary lighting device that has been specially designed to meet the needs of rural households.

Cat. No. P-ISL120-2.0
Weight 2 lbs

Plantern Solar Path Light with Planter
The Gama Sonic Plantern GS-111PL solar outdoor path and garden light provides homes with extra curb appeal.

Cat. No. GS-111PL
Weight 2 lbs

Progressive Solar Garden and Landscape LED Spotlight
The Gama Sonic GS-103 solar garden and landscape spotlight is the perfect solar accent lighting solution that helps illuminate the plants, shrubs, signs, and architectural features of your home.

Cat. No. GS-103
Weight 1 lbs

Sign Lighting Packaged
Sign Lighting Package Power Systems are complete turn key systems. All components needed for installation on your pad or pole are included. Each component in these systems has been properly matched, and field
tested for reliability.

Cat. No. PU-LS

Solar Address Sign
The Gama Sonic GS-80 solar-charged address light makes home addresses visible day or night with bright green illumination.

Cat. No. GS-80
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Chameleon Toadstools
Solar Chameleon Toadstools (discontinued and no longer available)

Cat. No. 3751MRM4
Weight 2.2 lbs

Solar Dragonfly Light
Frosted Dragonfly Solar Lantern

Cat. No. 3010WRM1
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Keyhole-Light
Keyhole-Light Solar Light White LED with White, Chrome, Brass

Cat. No. SS3720WML1
Weight 0.5 lbs

Solar LED Light
Powered by an integral low light solar panel

Cat. No. 3710WML1
Weight 0.5 lbs

Solar Lily Lights
Beckett Solar Powered LED Lily Pads

Cat. No. DP-BECSL3
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Motion-Activated Security Light
Solar Motion-Activated Security Light

Cat. No. DP-XSti65
Weight 3 lbs

Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor
The Gama Sonic GS-10 Outdoor Solar Security Light with motion sensor is the perfect energy-saving and money-saving replacement for electric solar security lights.

Cat. No. GS-10
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Spotlight with Color Changing Lenses
This Gama Sonic GS-150 solar-charged LED accent spotlight plus four color filters is perfect for illuminating trees, shrubs,

Cat. No. GS-150
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Step Light
Super bright white LED lighting unit

Cat. No. 3081WRM1
Weight 2 lbs

Solar String Lights - 20 LED Multi-Color Butterflies and Dragonflies
•20 energy saving multi color LED's with translucent stylized covers

Cat. No. 3705MR20
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Welcome Bear
Powered by integral solar panel discreetly located on back of sculpture

Cat. No. DP-SZ010
Weight 3 lbs

Solar Welcome Gnome
Decorative solar lighting ideal for Patios, Decks and Gardens

Cat. No. DP-SSZ011
Weight 3 lbs

Stainless Steel Bollard Solar Lamp w/ EZ Anchor
The Gama Sonic GSG2-127EZ Bollard solar light is a durable, bright solar path and driveway light that is easy to install with no wiring. With the EZ Anchor Mounting System,

Cat. No. GS-214
Weight 1 lbs

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