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CD Solar Light
Cat. No. CDT-SL8
Weight 2 lbs

The CDT Motion-sensor Solar Light can provide lighting wherever needed indoors or out.

» Easy to install in minutes, no need for 120V wiring or a city permit. No operating cost!
»  Fast install by attaching to any surface using clip or screw mount without cutting.
»  Lights automatically whenever motion is sensed.
»  Super bright LED lasts more than 2 hours with full charge.
»  Outdoor / water proof with 10 years useful life.

Applications for the CDT Motion-sensor Solar Light

Shed Vans Trailer Driveway Portable Toilet Garage
Cabin RV Boat Back yard Cargo Container

Model # Part# Color Dimensions Light Panel Battery Wt.
CDT-SL81 32081 Black 5 x 10 x 8 1-watt 1-watt 3 AA 2 lb.
CDT-SL82 32082 White 5 x 10 x 8 1-watt
1-watt 3 AA 2 lb


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