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IronRidge Flashfoot2 Kit, 4 flashings
IronRidge, Flashing, Flashfoot2 kit with Cap-foot Qty. 1 box of 4 flashings

Cat. No. FM-FF2-001-B
Weight 4 lbs

IronRidge, Bonding Strap Expansion Joint
IronRidge, Bonding Strap Expansion Joint, for Rail Splice, Clear, UL 2703, Qty. 1, RS-GDXP-001

Cat. No. 260-0737
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, Bonding Strap, for Rail Splice
IronRidge, Bonding Strap, for Rail Splice, Clear, UL 2703, Qty. 2, RS-GDST-001

Cat. No. 260-0736
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, End Clamp
IronRidge, End Clamp, C, 1.57", 39.0 - 41.0mm, Clear, Qty. 4, 29-7000-157

Cat. No. 211-0150
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, Flashing, Flashfoot kit
IronRidge, Flashing, Flashfoot kit with L-foot and hardware, Mill Finish, Qty. 1 box of 6 flashings, RF-FLSH-001

Cat. No. 270-0791
Weight 3 lbs

IronRidge, Grounding Lug
Low-profile Grounding Lug mounts in any direction and connects an entire row of PV modules to equipment grounding conductor.

Cat. No. 590-0102
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, Mid Clamp, C-D-E-J,
IronRidge Mid Clamp C-D-E-J with 2.25" T-Bolt, 38-45mm

Cat. No. 29-70TB-101
Weight 2 lbs

IronRidge, Mounting Kit for Microinverter
IronRidge, Mounting Kit for Microinverters (Enphase), includes two 1/4" x 3/4" SS hex bolts and nuts, Qty. 1, 29-5003-005

Cat. No. 270-0740
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, SGA , 7.5ft Brace Assembly
IronRidge, SGA 2", 7.5' Brace Assembly, 70-0200-CBR

Cat. No. 70-0200
Weight 62 lbs

IronRidge, SGA Rail Connector, for pipe,
IronRidge SGA Rail Connector for 2" pipe, 29-7001-001

Cat. No. 220-0351
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, Side of Pole Mount
IronRidge Side of Pole Mount

Cat. No. UNI-SP/01XH
Weight 2 lbs

IronRidge, Standoff, Flush Mount
IronRidge, Standoff, Flush Mount, 1.5" diameter, Aluminum Mill Finish

Cat. No. 210-0691
Weight 2 lbs

IronRidge, Stopper Sleeve
The Stopper Sleeve snaps onto the IronRidge UFO to transform it into an end clamp.

Cat. No. IR-SS
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge, Tilt Leg Kits
IronRidge, Tilt Leg Kit, including brackets, Aluminum Mill Finish,

Cat. No. 211-0168
Weight 2 lbs

IronRidge, XR10, Rail
IronRidge, XR10, Rail

Cat. No. XR10
Weight 4 lbs

IronRidge, XR100
IronRidge, XR100, Rail

Cat. No. XR100

IronRidge, XR1000, Rail
IronRidge, XR1000, Rail

Cat. No. XR1000
Weight 5 lbs

IronRidge: End Caps
IronRidge, End Cap Provide a finished look for rails.

Cat. No. XR-xx-Cap
Weight 1 lbs

IronRidge: L-Foot Hardware, (FM-SQ-BHW)
Bonding Attachment hardware for FF2 Qty. 1 bag of 4 sets

Cat. No. 590-0104
Weight 1 lbs

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