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Pelican™ Protector Cases, Small
Cat. No. Small Case
Weight 5 lbs

Our Pelican™ Small Cases are the perfect watertight cases for small electronics and equipment. Small Pelican™ cases make ideal watertight camera cases, camera lens cases, electronic equipment cases and much more. Small Pelican™ Water Resistant Cases come with optional pre-scored foam to provide the perfect fit for your equipment, and some are available in a variety of popular colors.

Pelican™ cases are constructed of light-weight space age structural resin with neoprene o-rings, stainless steel pins, automatic purge valves for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. Also includes locking flanges, massive multiple latches for absolute security and a comfortable molded fold down handle

Prod # Description
1120BKP Pelican™ Protector Case (1120),8.41" Lx 6.76"W x 3.87"D (OD), 7.29"L x 4.78"W x 3.33"D (ID) Pelican 1120 Case
1150BKP Pelican™ Protector Case (1150), 9.44"L x 7.80"H x 4.29"W (OD), 8.29"L x 5.79"H x 3.75"W (ID) Pelican 1150 Case
1170BKP Pelican™ Protector Case (1170), 11.64"L x 8.34"H x 3.78"W (OD), 10.54"L x6.04"H x 3.16"W (ID) Pelican 1170 Case
1200BKP Pelican™ Protector Case, (1200) 10.62" x 9.68" x 4.87" (OD)  9.25" x 7.12" x 4.12" (ID)
Pelican 1400 Case




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