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Ajustable Wheel Lock
Ultra-Max Wheel Lock with Disc to cover lugs nuts and prevent tire removal and theft.Easily adjusts to fit many different size tires and wheels

Cat. No. NTP-20-1494
Weight 15 lbs

Cabinet Lock
brass padlock.

Cat. No. L-25MMBR
Weight 0.5 lbs

Cable Key Keeper
The Cable Key Keeper is great when a secure, temporary attachment is needed.

Cat. No. UST-50-KEY0091-38
Weight 1 lbs

Clamp-On Breaker Lockouts
For use on single-pole and internal-trip multi-pole breakers, these Clamp-On Breaker Lockouts are easy to install - simply tighten the lockout securely onto the switch tongue, pull the cover over the thumbscrew and lock the cover to prevent the clamp from

Weight 1 lbs

Combo Lock
Keep small valuables secure and slow down theft with this handy Combo Lock.

Cat. No. UST-50-KEY0078-xx
Weight 0.5 lbs

DeadBolt Coupler Lock
Locks trailer to hitch ball when in use. Helps prevent attaching to an unattended trailer

Cat. No. NTP-SP-DB
Weight 1 lbs

DeadBolt Trailer Coupler Lock
Maximum security for unattended trailers. Hi-tech materials redefine the traditional lip engaging coupler lock.

Weight 2 lbs

King Pin Lock
Collar is made of tough T6 tempered aluminum for rugged use.

Cat. No. NTP-KP
Weight 2 lbs

Master LockŪ Commercial Grade Laminated Steel Padlocks
Master LockŪ Commercial Grade Laminated Steel Padlocks

Cat. No. L-3DML
Weight 1 lbs

Padlock Strattec Security
Padlock; Key Type; 9/32 Inch Diameter Shackle; 2-7/25 Inch Height x 1-13/100 Inch Width Shackle Clearance; Automotive; Zinc/ Nickel Plated; Black With Red; Steel; With Stainless Steel Lock Shutter And Protective Jacket; 82 Groove Port; Clamshell Package

Cat. No. NTP-20-0863
Weight 1 lbs

Receiver Hitch Locks
Use in place of standard pin and clip to prevent drawbar or accessory (bike rack/cargo carrier) theft.

Cat. No. SP-RHL
Weight 1 lbs

Trailer Hitch Pin BOLT Locks
The only Receiver Lock that will open with your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, early model Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, or GMC key

Cat. No. NTP-20-0867
Weight 2 lbs

Trailer Wheel Locking Boot
Does Not Cover Lug Nuts; Yellow Powder Coated With Red Rubber Coated Arms; With 2 Keys

Cat. No. 64-4672
Weight 2 lbs

Trimax Fifth Wheel Lock

Cat. No. NTP-69-9922
Weight 2 lbs

UMAX 50 Universal Unattended Trailer Lock
The UMAX 50 features a rugged corrosion resistant finish. Provides instant security for your camper, boat or trailer when they are not hooked up to your vehicle.

Cat. No. NTP-20-0464
Weight 4 lbs

VMAX6 Multi-Use Versatile Cable Lock
The VMAX6 is a versatile cable lock with a locking cinching feature ideal for securing bike racks, jet skis, patio furniture, motorcycles, tools and much, much more.

Cat. No. NTP-69-8263
Weight 1 lbs

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