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Trailer Wheel Locking Boot
Cat. No. 64-4672
Weight 2 lbs

CURT specialty locks are a line of unique towing locks that provide the security you need to keep that trailer and those toys safe from theft. It does not matter where the road takes you; if you are towing, you want the peace of mind to be able to enjoy yourself, and that peace of mind only comes with a CURT lock. CURT offers specialty locks for a variety of towing applications to make sure you have all the additional security you need for a safe and successful trip. The CURT wheel chock lock is an excellent way to protect an unattended trailer or camper. It is a quick and simple lock to apply, clamping over the wheel and remaining secure until it is unlocked using one the three provided keys. It is also expandable to fit a variety of tire widths. The wheel chock lock can be used on your trailer or automotive vehicle such as a car, truck or even an ATV if needed. For all of your trailer security needs, look to CURT for the lock to keep that boat, RV, toy hauler -- whatever it may be! -- safe and sound.

Compatibility: Fits Tire Sizes 4.8-R12/ 7.5-R16/ 195-75-R14/ 205-60-R16/ 205-70-R15/ 215-70-R15/ 225-75-R15/ 235-75
Covers Lug Nuts: No
Finish: Powder Coated
Color: Yellow
Material: Rubber

  • Protected By A Yellow Powder Coat Finish
  • Red Rubber-Coated Arms Protect The Wheel's Finish
  • Chocks And Locks The Wheel To Prevent Roll-Away
  • Secures Unattended Trailers, RVs Or Vehicles By Clamping Onto The Wheel
  • Expandable Width Fits Most Tire Sizes
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty And Limited 1 Year Finish Warranty And Limited 1 Year Parts Warranty

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