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Lay-in Lugs for Module Grounding
These tin-plated copper lugs have stainless steel set screws and come with stainless steel thread-forming screws and lock washers. They meet NEC requirements for connecting a continuous ground wire to all modules. Sold in packages of 10. UL Listed.

Cat. No. 704LUG#4-#14DB
Weight 3 lbs

WEEB Grounding Clip, for pole/ground-mount PV systems and universal applications
The WEEB-9.5 Grounding Clip is placed between a PV module and its supporting rail, with the standard fastener (1/4 or 5/16) passing through the hole in the WEEB.

Cat. No. SW-7040x0
Weight 0.125 lbs

WEEB Grounding Clips, for roof-mount PV systems
Specially designed for use with UniRac or DP&W Power Rail mounting systems!

Cat. No. SW-70405x
Weight 0.125 lbs

WEEB Grounding Lug - Equipment Rail Bond
Attach WEEB Grounding Lug to a metal surface (mounting rails, supports, poles) using provided hardware, or slide head of mounting screw into slots of UniRac SolarMount or DP&W Power Rail.

Cat. No. SW-426023
Weight 0.125 lbs

WEEB-6.7 Bonding Jumper - Rail to Rail Ground
The WEEB Bonding Jumper can be used to electrically connect any two pieces of anodized
aluminum, galvanized steel, steel and other electrically conductive metal.

Cat. No. SW-003665
Weight 0.17 lbs

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