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WEEB Grounding Clips, for roof-mount PV systems
Cat. No. SW-70405x
Weight 0.125 lbs

WEEB Grounding Technology
Quickly and effectively ground PV system components, including module frames, mounting rails,or pole/ground mount supports, using patent pending “Washer Equipment Electrical Bond” (WEEB) technology. Stainless steel washers have “teeth” that bite into aluminum or steel creating a gastight seal when sandwiched between surfaces. No scraping of anodized surfaces required! All WEEB parts listed to UL-467. All connections require a torque wrench.

WEEB Grounding Clips
, for roof-mount PV systems.  Specially designed for use with UniRac or DP&W Power Rail mounting systems! Simply place the
appropriate WEEB Grounding Clip onto the mid-clamp bolt, tightening the mid-clamp to effectively ground both modules to the rail. Each pair of PV modules requires two WEEB Grounding Clips.

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