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Ladybug Solar Light Set
Solar powered decorative lights are ideal for decorating shrubs or flowerbeds around the pond

Cat. No. 3751MRM4
Weight 3 lbs

Light My Shed III Solar Powered Shed Light
The 4rd generation of Gama Sonicís industry-leading solar shed light,

Cat. No. GS-16B
Weight 3 lbs

Luna Solar Accent Light
Brighten and add distinction to your landscape with the Gama Sonic Luna solar accent light

Cat. No. GS-57B
Weight 3 lbs

Plantern Solar Path Light with Planter
The Gama Sonic Plantern GS-111PL solar outdoor path and garden light provides homes with extra curb appeal.

Cat. No. GS-111PL
Weight 2 lbs

Premier Solar Garden Light
This 2-PK of Gama Sonicís GS-139 Premier Solar Garden Lights are the perfect set of accent lights for illuminating paths or gardens.

Cat. No. GS-139 -2PK
Weight 1 lbs

Progressive Solar Garden and Landscape LED Spotlig
The Gama Sonic GS-103 solar garden and landscape spotlight is the perfect solar accent lighting solution that helps illuminate the plants, shrubs, signs, and architectural features of your home.

Cat. No. GS-103
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Address Sign
The Gama Sonic GS-80 solar-charged address light makes home addresses visible day or night with bright green illumination.

Cat. No. GS-80
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Barn Light
Light up your shed, greenhouse, storage units garage and more with this easy to install solar charged light.

Cat. No. GS-122
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Dragonfly Light
Frosted Dragonfly Solar Lantern

Cat. No. 3010WRM1
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Flood Light
Provide brighter illumination and instant security

Cat. No. GS-203
Weight 5 lbs

Solar Garden Lights with Dual Color Option (2 Pack)
lluminate your landscaping with this fantastic two-pack of solar-powered garden lights that do not require any electrical wiring and incur no electricity costs.

Cat. No. GSG2-145
Weight 4 lbs

Solar Lily Lights
Beckett Solar Powered LED Lily Pads

Cat. No. DP-BECSL3
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor
The Gama Sonic GS-10 Outdoor Solar Security Light with motion sensor is the perfect energy-saving and money-saving replacement for electric solar security lights.

Cat. No. GS-10
Weight 2 lbs

Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor 6W
The Gama Sonic 6W Solar Security Light GS-101 is a cost and energy efficient power source solution intended to brightly illuminate the exterior of any home, backyard, warehouse facility,

Cat. No. GS-101
Weight 4 lbs

Solar Spotlight with Color Changing Lenses
This Gama Sonic GS-150 solar-charged LED accent spotlight plus four color filters is perfect for illuminating trees, shrubs,

Cat. No. GS-150
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Step Light
Super bright white LED lighting unit

Cat. No. 3081WRM1
Weight 2 lbs

Solar String Lights - 20 LED Multi-Color Butterflies and Dragonflies
ē20 energy saving multi color LED's with translucent stylized covers

Cat. No. 3705MR20
Weight 2 lbs

Stainless Steel Bollard Solar Lamp w/ EZ Anchor
The Gama Sonic GSG2-127EZ Bollard solar light is a durable, bright solar path and driveway light that is easy to install with no wiring. With the EZ Anchor Mounting System,.

Cat. No. GS-214
Weight 1 lbs

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